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Each cargo reaches the destination

Reliability, experience, and expertise in freight forwarding and international transports in Greece and Europe rank DS Transport Solutions among the leading Greek companies for dry, fresh or frozen cargo carriers. Through a comprehensive network of top partners, we cover a wide range of routes for each type of cargo. With speed, efficiency and personalized service for all the specific requirements of a shipment characterizing our services, we are able to guarantee that your cargo will arrive in a timely and safe manner.

Reliable partners

Having in-depth knowledge of the requirements for safe road transport of fresh, frozen or dry cargo products, we have developed an expanded network of partners along with a comprehensive fleet of high tech trucks and refrigerators for every type of cargo. We work efficiently and quickly, ensuring an optimal route for the safe transport of cargo in perfect condition and at a scheduled time. That is why we are always ready to intervene without any delay in any unexpected situation using our extensive experience, the necessary networking and all contemporary tools of communication anywhere in Europe.

Going upwards and continuing

The company was founded in 2013 by Spyridon Kousis, an experienced and well-trained executive in the field of transport. He and his team offer a full pack of innovative ideas for improving the transport services provided. Using innovative software and introducing 24-hour service & customer care to our clients, we achieved just at the end of our first year of operations a turnover of €1.87 million, making 680 transfers. In March 2015, the company expands into the supply chain. DS Transport Solutions BG Ltd is based in Sofia in August. 2015 almost double its turnover: €3.58 million and 1.159 transfers. In 2016, the upward continues: turnover reaches €3.6 million and 1,220 transfers. Despite the financial crisis in Greece, the effective services we offer have worthly earned our customers confidence, ensuring a steady pace of growth and great prospects for growth. In 2017 we achieved a turnover of €4.5 million with 1,567 transfers and in 2018, €5.2 million with 1,752 transfers respectively.

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